Our Team

Principled investing by principled people.

Turtle Creek comprises 13 investment team members and 16 additional employees. With the three Partners’ prior experience in mergers and acquisitions and private equity, and having served as directors of 13 public and private companies, the depth and breadth of perspective that comes from decades of being deeply involved with a multitude of companies has culminated in an approach to investing that is both unique and rewarding.


For over 25 years, Andrew Brenton, Jeffrey Cole and Jeffrey Hebel have managed their personal wealth and that of a select group of clients. They have worked together continuously for over 30 years. Prior to Turtle Creek, they founded and ran the private equity subsidiary of The Bank of Nova Scotia. Prior to their public and private equity investment experience, they had, collectively, 23 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance. Most importantly, they have developed a repeatable, teachable and extendable investment approach, which has served as the foundation for developing Turtle Creek’s investment team.

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